How to implement a full-width header for custom page?

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Hi Shopify Community! I'm trying to find a way to have a wide header on a custom page. It doesn't matter if it's a background image on the header, but I would prefer to have the text and image 

This is the intended designThis is the intended design

I've indicated the section I want to widen below. Is this possible to do? 

Note: The content is nested in a responsive table. I've indicated the code below for reference. 

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 19.48.00.png

source code:


<table class="responsive-table" none="" style="width: 100%;" border-color:="#124734;">
<tr class="responsive-table-row">
<td style="text-align: left;">
<p><h17>Sustainably Produced </h17><img src="" alt="" width="67" height="70" /></p>
<td style="text-align: left;"><img src="" alt="" /></td>



You can access the direct link to this page here:

Password to enter: heystella


thanks so much!!!!

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Hello There,

Remove this one class :- [ 'medium-up--four-fifths medium-up--push-one-tenth' ]

Screenshot :-

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