How to inline critical css and js

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Been trying to do what Google pagespeed insights asks and inline the critical css and Js above the fold but everything I try breaks the site would love some suggestions so I can get my site faster kinda slow right now says it's in the 20 something, let me know what you think.
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This is usually done with build systems, see Slate:

Basically add to the build pipeline something like this:


It is not something you want to do via the Theme Editor (although possible). tips, tricks & Shopify sections
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How do you incorporate your website into all this, I don't get how to use
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Hey Brandon,


Your site is at 98 for desktop which is a great score. You could improve mobile with the following (most sales are heavy on mobile lately):


  • Lazy load your images below your fold (you can use to do so, this will require a few code changes on your theme)
  • Minimize your theme.js file (you can use to fully compress and save some bytes)
  • Defer your js as well in your theme.liquid (assuming it's setup this way in your theme):
    <script defer src="{{theme.js | asset_url}}"></script>

The above serves as a good starting point, ping us if you have any issues or discuss further!

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