How to link single buy buttons to same cart

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I'm looking into adding "buy buttons" to an external web page. There should be one button (with different products) on 4-5 different pages.

Now, when I try to do that I realize that each "buy button" are linked to a separate shopping cart. 


So, is it possible to edit the code so each of these "buy buttons" are linked to same cart?

I.e. when the visitor add one item on one page, the shopping cart is updated throughout the other pages too, so when he add another item on another page, the same cart now include both items. 

Any idea? 

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PromoWorks Solutions is having the same problem.  How did you resolve it?


We have tried many different things to include rebuilding the entire site and buy buttons and cannot figure out why multiple carts are set up and why some products go to one and others to another.  Customers are not happy and this is creating significant issues.

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I face the same problem. Wish Shopify or someone may help.