How to make (Know more >) clickable text on category icon on homepage

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Hi there,

Tried everything,

How i can create a clickable text for Know more > on my category thumbnail on my homepage.

The color and alignment should be same as image given below.



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To Do so Follow these simple steps:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Buy Button .

  2. Click Create a Buy Button.

  3. Click Product Buy Button.

  4. Select the product from your catalog or use the search to find a product. Click Select.

  5. Optional: customize the Buy Button.

    1. If your product has variants, then select All variants or select the variant that you want to include.
    2. Choose a layout style and the action that happens when a customer clicks the button. You can also customize the button's appearance.
    3. By default the checkout behavior opens a new window but you can choose to open the checkout in the same browser tab as your website. Click Advanced settings > Redirect in the same tab.
  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Copy code.

  8. Open the HTML editor for the webpage where you want to display the Buy Button. Refer to Adding Buy Button code to HTML.

  9. Paste the code within the HTML where you want the Buy Button to appear, and then save your changes.

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Daniel Kebbe