How to make a field required in a form

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This is not working for me either - I followed all of the steps on on here - and selected the theme product.customizable  on the product page and it still is not required to add to cart and checkout...


<p class="cart-attribute__field" >
<label for="model">Model #</label>
<input required class="required" id="model" type="text" name="attributes[Model #]" value="{{ cart.attributes["Model #"] }}">


I found in a post with the supposed solution to the problem, follow the instructions and it didn't work for me.


Edit your product-customizable-template.liquid file (around line 143)

Change from this…. {% form 'product', product, class:form_classes, novalidate: 'novalidate' %}

To this… {% form 'product', product, class:form_classes:%}

Need to remove “nonvalidate” in order to be a required field


Please if someone could tell me how I could solve and make the field mandatory for checkout.


Thank you.


Please provide the link to your store. This will allow us to identify the exact issue.

My guess is you have an ajax cart. Meaning the items are being added to the cart through ajax and not through the normal form submission. Without getting too technical, this is probably why the required attribute in the <input> element is not working. You will need some custom coding to get the ajax to stop submission until the required fields are filled.

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Please Provide Store url to better assist.

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Thank you very much for your prompt response.


My link is

In the catalog I have the products, the problem I have is that in the product the Nombre field and the Apellidos field must be mandatory and it is not working.


If you can help me, I would be very grateful.

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Dear dayaima,


You have missed "value="" required=""" in create account as well as  in products


Your code should be like this


<input type="text" id="ContactForm-name" name="contact[name]" value="" required="">

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Thank you

Please could you tell me how it works, where I have to add it.