How to make a product page with multiple product to choose from?

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I am trying to make a product with multiple product to choose from.


Here is a little background, I have a store where I sell cosmetics products. For the Christmas period of 2019 I would like to create a "Basket" product page. My customer could make their own basket by choosing product in 4 differents categories. All these products can also be bought separately on the website. 


The categories would look something like this


Lipsticks :

Lispstik 1

Lipstick 2

Lipstick 3


Cream :

Cream 1

Cream 2

Cream 3


Shampoo :

Shampoo 1

Shampoo 2

Shampoo 3


Body wash :

Body wash 1

Body wash 2

Body wash 3


So they could choose one in each category, to make their own basket with a discounted price from, what they would normally pay if they ordered each item separately on the website. 


I realise I could do this with product variant, but I have to track my stock in real time. So how can I create a product page like this while tracking both what get sold on the basket page, but also on each individual product page ?