How to modify "Login and Create Account" from header in Minimal Theme

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I am using the Minimal Theme and in the main menu, instead of "Log in or Create account " (too wordy) ; how can I remove these texts so only an icon is shown or at least a single word such as "Account"? (which will still allow customers to login in or create an account).

Thank you.

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Under your Theme code editor find locales/en.default.json file, in that file look for a pice of code like this:

    "customer": {
      "account": "My Account",
      "log_out": "Log out",
      "log_in": "Log in",
      "create_account": "Create account",
      "or": "or"

You can play around with the values for log_in, create_account, or fields to craft your very own copy.

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Hi, thanks for replying; however I'm not reaching a solution.


I played around with the values to craft my own copy as you suggested; however, I ran into a few problems:

When I remove "Create account" and leave "Log in", then I noticed that the customers didn't have the ability to create an account if they were not already a member but when I remove "Log in" and leave "Create account", then the customers are not able to login as it's only requesting that they create an account.


How can I replace "Log in or Create Account" with ONE icon (example attached) working for both Log in and Creating an account (see attached).

Screenshot_2020-02-20 Account(1).pngScreenshot_2020-02-20 Account.png


Thanks so much.