How to modify some text's colors that you can't modify in the customization tab

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Hello, I have a problem trying to change the website's colors and fonts. Actually it's all white ( and I want to change background to black, and text colors to other colors so they can be read hehe.

The problem is using the theme's customizer (I am using bilingual coffee theme, which support is discontinued, otherwise I would have asked them :/) I can change many fonts colors, but not every text colors:

Resulting in pages like this one from the screenshot below, the check out one, where you can't see the price (cause it's in black) or any other text. Those that are visible, in blue, are "text link color" which I could change in the customizer from above.


In some pages with plain text, like this one, where you can't see the text, cause it's black:

I had no problem changing those texts, just using the text editor on each page, and manually selecting the text to be white. A home made fix (which probably isn't the best choice, since text goes white even on the editor) but works, as you can see below:


But the problem is with texts like those from the first screenshot, where I can't change their color neither on the theme customizer, or in the page as I did with the previous screenshots, since there isn't really a "page" where I can manually select text to be white. Like on the collections page:

There is some text above the product images, almost impossible to see, which I can't also change neither via theme customization or editing the page itself.

So I guess it has to be changed via css or something like that, which I did before but only following detailed instructions for dummies hehe:


But I don't really know if it has to be changed on customize.csss, theme.liquid, or where. Must say I spent a good amount of time reading most of those files, trying to find some text that clearly pointed towards the text I wanted to change colour (to white, so it can be read on the black background), and even searched for any reference to black text, changing it to white, with no luck. I suppose I need to know how that element is called, and then write in some file that I want it to be white, but no idea.

That's why I am asking it here, because I am out of ideas. Well, I have a last one, which is scrapping whole theme, looking for a translation plugin, and remaking it all from scratch, but it's something I would like to maybe somebody could help me with this?


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I think the solution is just a three lines snippet added somehwere, like element X, color that in css, but I have no clue about it. Does nobody know that? :/

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contact me at,will help you.

shoot mail if you need any help :


You can add the colors that are not included in the theme's customizer in customise.scss.liquid.

It will probably be easier if you grant me access to your store admin panel. I will then be able to help you change the website's colors and fonts absolutely free of charge.

To do this, create a copy of the theme in a dark color and set any colors. And I will add everything else with CSS.


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