How to override themes link/button text color?



I'm trying to create buttons and links with different color text to the theme settings (debut).

I want some buttons to have black text (this is current default) and some to have white text. 

Theme color settings are set to black text for link text color. 

If I create button with white text, when I add a link url or '#', the text color returns to default (black text). 

How do I override this setting so I can have more than one link text color?

Hope this makes sense 

Thanks in advance


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This is an accepted solution.


You can add the following code at the bottom of your assets/theme.scss.liquid file.

button.button.button1 a {
    color: #fff;

This is for the "GET STARTED" button class. For now, I have given it white color.

So you can do it with other buttons also. Let me know if this works.


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This is an accepted solution.


Yes, worked a treat.

Isaac @ Beforebricks