How to prevent people from RIGHT CLICK " SAVE IMAGE AS" on my images?

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Hi there.

I want to prevent people from being able to right click and "SAVE IMAGE AS" on all of my pictures.

How do I go about accomplishing this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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If you publish something on the web, people are going to be able to download it. You can find ways to make it harder, such as using CSS to place image in the background and placing an invisible PNG file over the top. There are various other techniques.

It ends up being more work on your part, and it won't stop the people who really want to download your images. They can always take a screenshot.

Whatever technique you choose, becuase careful it doesn't have adverse effects on your site.

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Hi Ryan,

I would have to agree with Ricky. There are many other ways to capture a picture from a site besides the right click method, so disabling the function is not suggested. For the most part it will negatively effect the shopping experience for visitors more than anything.

With that said, there has been a thread about this, although, many browsers will ignore this type of code, since it hinders browser utilities: View old thread here

If you choose to use the code, it would be placed in the theme.liquid file to effect the whole site. 

Best of luck!


Happy selling! :)
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There's an app that does exactly what you're looking for!

It disables the "Save as..." menu, keyboard shortcuts etc.

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Hello Ryan Parker,

If you're looking for an app that will automatically disable right click functionality, you might want to take a look at this app:

Right Click Defender instantly generates code that will protect your images & text. It requires zero coding knowledge or coding. This app does not interefere with the shopping experience at all. Customers can shop and add products to cart, without any interruptions

Right Click Defender offers more functionality than other image protecting apps. While other apps only protect images, this app also protects your text. On top of disabling the right click menu and disabling "dragging & dropping" on images, it also prevents text highlighting and "copying and cutting" on text. Not to mention, it helps to fight spammers because it disables pasting into form fields.

A great choice for Shopify stores that sell templates, artwork, prints, photography, or paintings. Also perfect for Shopify owners who just want to protect their unique content. 


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Hi @Ryan_Parker2! You can try our Anti-Theft app that has right-click protection as well as drag-n-drop protection, restricts shortcuts and adds backlinks to your store.

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If you dont mind me asking, Why will it negatively effect my shoppers experience if i disable the right click save?