How to programmatically add a TAG to an ORDER upon purchase?

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I have a very simple requirement.  Upon completion of an order, if a customer has a given tag, I want to also append that tag to an order.   (i.e. customer has a "specialdude" tag, add "specialdude" tag to the order).  

I'm a developer.  How would I go about this?  Can I do this through these theme (ideally in the same way I auto append tags to Customer during account registration)?


I know there is an app for this, but I really don't want to shell out $15/m for something (what should be) rather straightforward.  



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Hello, @Ryan_Mc 

You can create private app for this - listen to appropriate webhook and modify your order 👀

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Hi @Ryan_Mc 

As @Yurіі  said you have to create private app then you can add tag in order by Order_create webhook.

You have to set callback url in order_create webhook and get customer tag in response so you can add this tag in order by "order update" API 

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