How to remove the shopping cart icon?

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I've read many different threads telling me to add different code to the bottom of theme.scss.liquid but none of them have worked, I just want the cart icon gone until I'm ready to release the store itself, in the meantime I want to launch with a couple of landing pages.

I believe I'm using the Debut theme? It's whatever theme was automatically given at the start anyway, 

Need help asap - thanks in advance!

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Hi Bex Cox

Go to Online Store > Themes and from the Actions dropdown, choose Edit Code. In the files tree, open Sections / header.liquid and look around line 150.

There should be an anchor element with href="/cart" and class="site-header__icon site-header__cart".

Now you can either comment out that anchor or delete it until you're ready to go.

That said, this won't stop visitors from adding items to the cart and with a bit of poking around they would find the cart URI and proceed as is. So hiding it isn't really fool proof.

Hope that helps!

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I am having difficulty trying to remove the shopping cart icon can some please guide in the right direction I am using the debut theme and would like to remove this icon all together

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I actually found it and removed the entire shopping icon 


{% include 'icon-cart' %}
<span class="icon__fallback-text">{{ 'layout.cart.title' | t }}</span>
<div id="CartCount" class="site-header__cart-count{% if cart.item_count == 0 %} hide{% endif %}" data-cart-count-bubble>
<span data-cart-count>{{ cart.item_count }}</span>
<span class="icon__fallback-text medium-up--hide">{{ 'layout.cart.items_count' | t: count: cart.item_count }}</span>

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What was the code you used? Or did you just delete it? Thanks in advance!

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I've had the same issue.

I just want a landing page to begin with and below was my solution to remove the shopping cart option.

NOTE: I don't know if this is the CORRECT solution since I'm not an expert here, but it made the trick for me.


My Solution (I use the narrative theme)


Edit Code

Look after "icon-header-cart.liquid"

Backup this file!!!

Then delete all info in there

Hit Save button



If you want the cart back in the menu again, just add the text again or replace it with the original backup file you did.


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Youre my hero! Thanks for help!