How to shrink the space in between the "Buy it now" button to description area? And also others...

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Hi, all

Does anyone know how to shrink the space in between the "Buy it now" button to description area? This is big gap. ( All screenshots are below)

big gap2.jpg

And also, there is the big gap in between the sku and the line. Also, there is big gap in between the line and the top of the slider image.

big gap1.jpg

The whole website has too many gap between elements/sections for Minimal theme latest version. I chose full screen display to make the products display bigger and less # to buyers to see clearly, but the website page scratched and there are a lot of not useful space in between sections. By the way, this minimal theme doesn't display sku on the product page, I added it and then use <hr> to add the line under the sku. But not the space in between is too big. Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks! screenshot below.

big gap3.jpg

Would you please help me fix the issue?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.