How to 'submit' a questionnaire?

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Hi -

I'm trying to create a submittable waiver form for demonstration rides (we make electric skateboards).  I've managed to figure everything out except for how to "submit" the data once filled out.  The hope was to have this function just like the 'contact us' function where they input name, address, phone and message but instead name, age, email, "I agree" checkboxes, etc. so that these waivers automatically get sent to our email for record keeping.

Appreciate the support!  Cheers,         jj


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Hi JJohn513,

An easiest way to create custom forms is to start with the template >, duplicate it and called it page.WHATEVER, then custom add all the fields you want in there. Keep in mind the naming conventions like


the square brackets are the titles for each field in the email.

If thats too confusing, then there are free form apps even with file upload ( which is not supported by Shopify on its own ) like

But most of all, the form submit ( shopify form one ) will not work if you are still in store development. Once a paid plan has started with the store, the subscribe / contact forms will work. Maybe that is your problem ?

Hope this helps everyone.




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