How to use collection-list.liquid ?

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I would like create new template page that use collection-list.liquid but I don't find any post on how integrate this "section" on a template page. 


I would like to see how my home page use it, but I don't find how to see the code. I can only add automatically the section on my home page.  


Where can I find a resource on "how to integrate section to template" ? 


I Know that I can use ( pay ) an app for editing page, but for the moment I only need to use this section, And I think it's a better way to understand. 








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Hi @Modragor 


I think that you are mismatching the terminology a little.


collection-list.liquid is a default template that can be accessed when you visit the /collections url. It's not a section.


If you want the look of the collection-list.liquid on your homepage you will need to create a dynamic section for the homepage.


You can read more on sections here:


If you want a section on a template other on a homepage, you create a static section and call it like so:


{% section 'your-section-name' %}
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It's very interesting, I try your last solution, and yes I would like to create section on a other page than homepage. 


So I try : I add a template and 

{% section 'collection-list' %}

and ... it's work ... but I create a page with this new template, I have the section ... but it's empty and say " add collection on the left bar" ( It's like editing home page, but I find the solution, now I can edit this page like my home page. 


So my problem is solved ! Thx !