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Hi There,


We are just in the process of setting up our shop and we have about 4000 products and trying to decide how best to order them.


We love the 'All Products' page as customers can browse this and filter by tags. However this still creates a very long list and we'd love them to be able to filter by 'type' or 'collection', is this possible?


We don't want to have to use the 'normal' collections route as this means creating a page for each collection and then a collections index page. Too many steps for customers.


Thanks in advance!



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Hello @benwrigley 


You could use Ultimate Filter and Search to offer your customer smooth shopping experience on your site. Some advanced benefits you can get are Multiple filter value selection of the same type (so that your customers don't have to go back and forth to apply separate filter values), Filter on collection and search page, filter by type, collection, options, tags, Semantic Search, Merchandising rule to boost high-margin products and bury sold-out items. 


Please take a closer look at the demo store:


I hope it would help.

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Shopify Staff
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Hi, @benwrigley


This is Rae from Shopify.


Thanks for reaching out about this! I'd love to hear more about your store setup to help determine how best to order your products on your site. 


Can you please tell me a bit more about how you're currently filtering the products on your site? Is this function built into your theme, or are you using an app, like the one @Nancy_Drake suggested? If this feature is included on your theme, feel free to let me know which theme you're using. You can find the name of your theme directly in your Shopify admin under 'Online Store > Themes'


In terms of adding details to your products, I recommend adding 'product types' via the bulk editor. These are usually different categories that can be used to manage products. It's also possible to add 'tags' to products by following the steps outlined here. This document explains more about the product details that can be added to improve organization, so I recommend reading that over, too. 


You also mentioned adding collections and filtering products by which collection they're in. Depending on how you're filtering products, this may be possible, but once I have more details on this, I can certainly double check. In the meantime though, if you add types and tags to products, you can use these details to create automated collections for your products. 


I understand the usual route of creating collections and having a main menu with drop-down options may appear to be difficult to navigate. However, I did want to mention that for stores with thousands of products, this is typically the most user-friendly option. This setup allows customers to use the drop-down menus to search collections and find exactly the products they're most interested in, without having to navigate filters, or search through thousands of different products. Before deciding to move forward with a navigation setup, I recommend looking over this document that outlines the different navigation options available. That way, you can compare the different methods to determine what will work best for your customers, and your store design. 


Please feel free to reply back to me here with your thoughts and plans so that I can provide more assistance with setting this up on your site. 


I look forward to hearing back from you! 

Rae | Social Care @ Shopify
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