HowTo Customize an alternate product template?

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I've created an alternate product template and can assign it to certain products. I'd like for our product team to be able to modify section settings (tweak copy, images, etc) via the Customize theme tool.


Selecting the Product page in customize shows the standard template. Is there a way to select and edit the alternate template?




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This is an accepted solution.

I believe if you navigate to a product that is using the template, you will be able to use the schema from that template. Not entirely sure, and I cant check because my developer stores wont load for some reason right now. I did find this resource:

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Thanks Ninthony- this did the trick! Here's the step-by-step:


EDIT: This can be much simpler than my original steps below. Simply enter the Theme Customizer, and navigate the store within the editor to a product page with an alternate template, and that will be the template that will be previewed / edited.

I wasn't able to do this, as that product isn't reachable directly in my store :). In that case, the steps below do work.


Note: The alternate template must be part of the currently published theme.

From your store admin page:

  1. Click Products in the left nav to view all products
  2. Click to edit an alternate template product
  3. Assign the alternate template and save, if you haven't already
  4. Click the View icon below the product title to view it on your store
  5. Select the Customize button from the admin toolbar at the bottom of the page

This will enter the Theme Customization page for that product, including its assigned template.

Note- if the template is already assigned to the product, you can go directly to step 5 from the all products page (step 1) by clicking the 'eye' icon that appears when hovering on the product in order to view it on the store.



In addition, I advice to try this clever tutorial:

In step 4), they specifically assign the original product data in the alternative product template like so:

{% assign product = all_products[‘original-product-handle’] %}

This could avoid to mess up your data into thinking you are selling 2 different products, whereas you're actually selling the same product from 2 different product templates.

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