I have a couple questions

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First, I am using the header navigation and the link.active option.  When I am using this, I am getting a dash after the active link.  I have tried taking out spaces, using text-decoration: none !important; and nothing is working.

Also, in my header on my home page half of the links will no longer work.  If you go to another page then it works just fine.  Doesn't make sense to me since it is the same navigation menu for each page.  It is a snippet and I don't see why it would work on one page and not the home page.  It started out that none of the links would work, Now a week later it is just 2 links that wont work.  I haven't changed the code and haven't had this issue on any of the other themes I have done.


Below is my code:


<div class="header-links">

	{% for link in linklists[section.settings.main_linklist].links %}
		{% if link.links == blank %}	
			<div class="home-link">
				<a href="{{link.url}}"{% if link.active %} class="active"{% endif %}>{{link.title}}</a><br>
		{% endif %}
	{% endfor %}	


<section class="header">
	{% if section.settings.bus_name != blank %}
		<div class="business-name">{{ section.settings.bus_name }}
	{% endif %}
			{% include 'main-menu' %}


	color: #03fcf4;
	text-decoration: none !important;

		text-transform: uppercase;
	    display: flex;
	    width: 75%;