I have a problem to hosting my json files

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It's my third time to send you this message but still, I haven't any answer to your team 

that is a serious problem.

I am stuck to this problem since the last 3 days, I have already wasted too much time

I think it's my biggest mistake that I choose your hosting panel. 

Please tell me how is it possible to fulfill my requirement in Shopify.

Basically, I want to host my JSON file on to the Shopify hosting panel 

with this required URl:  https://stationers.pk/.well-known/assetlinks.json 


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This isn't an official support channel with most of the members here just offering their free time out of a desire to help. Some forum posts do go unanswered but we try to get to them all.

As for your question, you are not able to upload to that location. Why do you need it? Context on what you're trying to do and the need certainly can help members give you more meaningful responses, and offer potential alternatives.

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