I need help with the Minimal Theme

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Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 11.06.54 am.pngHi There!!


I am using the minimal theme ( Currently on a Pause & Build Plan)

Here are a couple of things I need urgent help with please:

1. I want all the images on my Homepage SLIDESHOW to be clickable and be able to be linked to another page of my choice ( ex: A collection). Basically I want that the entire image on the slideshow should be clickable instead of having just a button. Right now I don't see that option.

2. I also see a 'Pause symbol' button on the right of the slideshow which I want to remove.

3. When I click somewhere in or around the slideshow, I see a weird Blue bounding box that I want to get rid of ( Please refer to the attached photo that shows the Blue Bounding Box and the Pause Symbol Button).


Can some kindly help me please ?


Thank You so much in advance


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Hello @TLRM,

Welcome to the Shopify community!
and Thanks for your Good question.

Please share your site URL,
So I will check and provide a solution here.


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Hi There!


Thank you so much for responding.

My store URL is the-little-rafael.myshopify.com

Its password protected and is there a way I can privately provide you the password ?

I have managed to fix the blue border around the slideshow and also I made the pause button white so you can really see it an more.

I still want the slideshow images ( the entire image ) to be clickable and take me to a linked page that I provide.

Please let me know how I can give you the password to begin with.


Thank you