I need to use a radio button to stop wrong orders. Please help.

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I'm sure this is a fairly simple fix with some code however, I'm not super web savvy. I sell one product in multiple colors. For my product, there are different lengths available.


For example:


  • 50"
  • 72"
  • Custom (Include your size in the shopping cart details.)


The problem here is that my customers who choose custom length almost always forget to fill this information in which delays their order delivery time.


How do I go about making it mandatory when choosing the selection "Custom" to type the custom size in to ensure this never happens again. I pull my hair out every time this happens and I don't have much left. Thank you for your time.

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Hello @ProCoins,

You can add the HTML required attribute to the input. Add me as staff if you are not familiar with coding.

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Hi @ProCoins 

You can add text box as line item property on product  page if user select custom option, you can use this link for that.

you have to do some Js code to hide and show custom field text box.

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