I want to put the description in the middle

Hello, I want to put the description in the middle and not the bottom of the button
This is an illustration of my site:
I want the description to be like that:

I don't want this via apps :)


Hi @Arwa-Online 

Maybe consider not using "I want" so much especially in the topic title since it's not relevant (imho).

Can you share your website url (password if necessary) ? Else we can't help you as there is not one piece of code that works for every website.


C'est simple comme bonjour ! Ou presque.
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If you want to move your description to left side then follow this:

1. Online store->edit code

2. Section->product-template.liquid->find {{ product.description }} and cut this with just above div. 

3. Now find first  "grid__item large--seven-twelfths" this div and place description code at end of this div.


Note: if you want to look like tab style then you have to take help of developer. let me know if you need help.


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