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this is about IMAGE OVERLAY LOSING QUALITY , NOT PRODUCT IMAGE LOSING QUALITY i am using the DEBUT THEME , ON DESKTOP IMAC, My image overlay got crappy and blurry and much less rich than it was on my preview (mac), i have done editings and made the height 2048px and width 650px , here is the original pic:HERO TOP 2.jpgimage overlay original(semms not too high reso in shopify discussion but it is in original fileimage overlay original

                  then the crappy one after i uploaded to shopify HERO image overlay:

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 6.07.04 PM.png(lowered saturation , resolution , sharpness , not enhancedafter uploaded to shopify

                 its an issue about resolution , 

                 after searching about similar topics on shopify community i only got to a long discussion topic about low reso image for PRODUCT IMAGES only ,  not IMAGE OVERLAY IMAGES , where Ninthony ended with a charm.

                 in the discussion it was said that shopify actually auto compresses the image you upload and significantly reduce its quality , thats also a point.

                 does anyone have a solution to this issue?

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Your theme code could be sizing the image down (for example it's common to use liquid code to limit the image dimensions). If that's the case, you can try making the code load a larger image.


Another idea to try is switching to a different file type. Usually JPG is the way to go with photographic images, but if you're including text overlay then PNG tends to be crisper.

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tks about the info but how can i do with the code u mentioned about custom making it available for larger file size?

btw i think your apps are cool man