Image compression and loss of quality

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Shopify is compressing my pictures which become blur... The only solution I found to solve my issue is to load the picture at a high height and reduce the height with css which is totally stupid and in fact, load images with more ko than my compressed picture for the same quality (I have used to compress pictures)

To understand my issue :

When I load the picture at 565px height which is the final size I want to :


If I use my cheat code :

<img style="height: 565px" src="{{ image.src | img_url: 'x900', format: 'pjpg'  }}" alt="{{ image.alt | escape }}" slide-number="{{ iterator }}">

The difference of quality between both is very important. My question is why ? How can I fix that without using my cheat code ?
Loading all my pictures in bigger size is stupid

I have certainly missed something in shopify image optimization but I cant find a solution


Thank you for your help,


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Shopify compression is a real crap! Has anyone managed to bypass it?