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So i think my question is simple, at the moment my container with image + text appears like this:

Anotação 2019-12-19 001343.png


And i want to make it look something like this:

Anotação 2019-12-19 001512.png


Can somebody give me some tips? :)



Thank you all

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Hello @chili ,
If this you needs to set just for Home Index page, then add this code at the bottom of your
theme -> edit code -> assets -> theme.scss.css

.template-index .shopify-section.index-section .page-width {
max-width: 100%;
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Hi there, @chili ! I'm Adam, a Support Specialist with Shogun.


CSS would certainly be one way to accomplish that, but if you'd be interested in being able to make those design decisions with an easy-to-use, highly configurable, drag-and-drop page builder (with no coding required!), I think you'd get a lot of value out of Shogun.


As an example, for what you describe there, you'd simply drag one of Shogun's Columns elements to the page, tell it you'd like two columns of equal width, add a Section to each column, set a background image for one of the Sections and set that background image to "Cover". It's that simple! You could then fine-tune the appearance of the columns with margins and spacing, or move on to getting the text and button in the opposite column just right using Shogun's tools for those, too.


That'd just be the beginning - we're really proud of what can be done with our app, and we'd strongly encourage you to give it a free 10-day trial to see what it can do for you. There's no obligation - if you decide you don't need it, you can just remove it from your Shopify dashboard before the trial ends and we won't charge you anything. Best of all, we have support staff available 24/7 at if you ever need any help or advice.


If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, click here to give it a try. Thanks for your consideration!

Adam Lucas | Support Specialist, Shogun | Try Shogun Page Builder for Shopify for FREE!
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Thanks for your reply, didnt work :(