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I want to add a full width image (sort of a huge logo banner across the page) without any text to my landing page. Ideally, I'd want this banner inside the footer section to "finish off" the scroll, but I reckon it'd work having an image-only section added just above the footer section.

Problem is, I don't get the option to add such a section - I can only add 'Image with text' (see attachment - sorry it's in Danish, but I've translated it). This section's design won't allow me to have the image span all across the page - the text box takes up half the space and is not removable.

I realize this is probably theme specific and I could've just picked another theme that actually has this option, but that's too late

I'd appreciate your help immensely!

/ThomasSkærmbillede 2021-05-13 kl. 14.15.12.png