Image relative scale for artwork.

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Hi all,


I am working on a website to showcase my artwork, using Minimal Theme. I would like to have the images appear in proportion in relation to neighboring images.


An example of my problem: A painting that is 48 cm wide and 30 cm tall is resized to look much smaller next to an image that is 15 cm wide and 23 cm tall - the landscape aspect is shrunken down in comparison to the portrait, despite being a much larger painting.  Similarly, a painting that is 50 x 60 is made to appear the same as a much smaller painting of a similar aspect ratio - the smaller paintings are blown up to be disproportionally larger than the neighbouring, larger images. I would also like to reduce the images per row within collections, to show only 2 or 3 paintings per row.


Any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks.



please share a store link help to better assist

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