Image size exceeds 20pixels?????

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The photographer sent me new pics and on upload shopify says they exceed 20 pixels!

Anyone got any suggestions?
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Hi Noel, 

Keith here, I’m a part of the Support Team at Shopify! 

Sounds like you may have exceeded the 20 Megapixel limit on images. I would try resizing the photo to 2048x2048 at the largest and resubmitting them. Ideally 1024x1024 for product photos and 2048x2048 for banners and slideshows is recommended to provide optimal load times for your store!




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Use something like to optimize the file size and then upload.

Its actually a good thing that you were unable to do that as using a 20Mb image would kill the network load performance.

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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Hey Noel,

Next time, why don't you try to shoot your products yourself with your phone, get them photoshopped and upload them (CSV) in one click?

I am sure its gonna be a lot easier... and cheaper!

Tell me what you think


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That compresses image size, not megapixels. Any idea for the megapixels? It seems insane my images are under 2 mb each and shopify won't accept them because of the megapixels.  

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Hi how

did you resolve this?

Im having the same problem

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In order to do this, youll need software like Photoshop or GIMP (completely free and open source) an image size greater than 20MP means that the horizontal width and vertical height multiplied together equal more than 20 million pixels. To meet shopify's requirements, youll need to resize the actual pixel size of the image, 4,288px X 3,216px = 14MP. Give that a go. Plenty of Tutorials, guides, size tables, etc via google. Granted at that point it may just be worth it to reduce the settings on your respective camera and re-take the photos. A matter of time a preference. Either way, this is the PROPER way to go about it. Cheers!

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I have the same problem.  My image is only 40kb & 800x800.  Even I try to upload the old one that it's already in my shopify site, it still says exceed exceeds 20 megapixels.

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Is the dimension 2048x1024 best sizing for banners on Shopify Collection pages?

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My images are set to 500x500 and are well under 20 megapixels, but Shopify won't accept them. I've been using the same size images for the last 4 months, and today it won't accept any of my images. Please fix this.