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I have come across a problem with my website I am currently building.  It appears that there are a couple of problems that I can't seem to resolve.


First issue is images not showing.  This appears to all be related to the products and collections.  On the Home page I am trying to show links to Products and clothing under the featured promotions section.  The links are there but no image is showing.


The other images that are not showing are the actual product images.  The small thumbnails are visible (if I turn on the option), but the main images. do not appear to be visible.  


The last issue is also with the product variables.  I can't seem to get these to be visible,  When I first set the product up a few moths ago they were visible.


Im certain its something I must have done, but I really struggling to find out what!!!


Any advise would be hugely appreciated as Im pulling my hair out.  


Thanks  in advance.


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It really depends how you uploaded

You can follow tutorial on YouTube


Let me know if you require more assistant