Implement "Swipe left/right to reveal next product image" feature in Venture Theme

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Hi everyone :)

I hope that you all are doing well with your Shopify stores and hopefully making a hell lot of sales. I am new to Shopify here and I am currently using Venture theme for my very first Shopify store. Everything is going right except I want to implement a feature that is available there in a lot of e-commerce websites like Amazon, and the feature I am talking about is when users visit your website on mobile then users nowadays expect that if they swipe left or right on the product picture, then they should be presented with the next/previous product picture.

Now in venture theme, this functionality is not there by default. So to view the next picture a user has to click on the product thumbnail. So wanted to know is there a possibility we can implement this feature into venture theme. It would be awesome if the feature works on both the product page and when a user clicks on a product to enlarge it, then it should work there too.

Here's a screenshot to help you guys to get a clear picture of what is desired.

Thanks for reading :)

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did you ever find out how to action this, i'm struggling with the same problem?

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yes this is definitely a must, considering the amount of people shopping on mobile!