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Hi everyone.

I've been looking at implementing the jQuery Quicksand plugin, for our product pages showing our sleeves instead of our current. But i've run into a problem, i dont know how to solve, and was hoping someone here might be able to provide some help or advice. 

If the plugin was implemented, and the user clicked a product and then clicked backspace or back in his browser, he would have to redo his sorting and filtering, which would probably be quite annoying. Any suggestions on how to keep the sorting/filtering when the user returns to the site after having looked at a product? (We're already having this problem with our current site aswell, since its not remembering which slide the user was at either)

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

Best regards


EDIT: After searching for ages, i found Isotopes, which looks like it'll be able to manage the task. I'll update once i've tested it. - Design Laptop Covers
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Cookies ;) 
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Also, most good browsers have a thing called localStorage you can use. Eliminates the dreaded back button history issue. You can learn a lot about it from HTML5 sites, and you can test if it exists with Modernizr.

You can go far by learning this stuff. It's important to know.

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