Implementing a "Local Header"

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Looking to break my website up so that my different users will only see information that's relevant to them. 


I don't want to link to/operate multiple sites as was discussed in this thread ( Instead, I want to display Local Headers/Local Navigation depending on the user's selection from the Main Navigation


Here are sites that utilize Local Navigation to help explain what I'd like to do:  click "Bike" or "App" and you'll see very different top navigation menus click "Personal" or "Commercial" and different top navigation menus appear



Does anyone know of existing apps that I can use to do this? Thank you in advance.




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Hey adam-block,


I don't know of any such apps, but I know how to achieve this by customizing your theme.


You could place some conditions in your header file that will load an additional linklist based on certain pages/collections/templates.


Let me know if that gives you enough direction or if you'd like help implementing the feature.

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Thanks Spinturnix. 


I was hoping there was an app out there that could do this so I wouldn't need a developer's help, but I appreciate the explanation. Makes sense, but I'm definitely not knowledgeable enough to implement this. 


I'll email you at the email listed on your website (which is super cool, btw) and see what you think this would cost.