Importing Blog Comments Date Problems

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I'm importing 3000 comments from a custom blog platform using Excelify.

Each comment has a Created date, Edited date and Published date.

It seems I can amend the Published date, but not the Created nor Edited dates. I have set this correctly for all comments.

But there is no way of referencing the published date in the theme? and no way of editing the other dates which means I have no way of importing and displaying the correct published dates?

What's the best solution?

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Hello, @SimonToast !

Maris from Excelify here.

Indeed, the Shopify API allows setting only the "published_at" date when creating Blog Post Comment records in the Shopify database. The "created_at" and "updated_at" are automatically set by the Shopify system to the actual timestamp when the record was created in the Shopify system.

And indeed - I have checked the Shopify StoreFront API for the Comment object here:
It says you have only the "comment.created_at" and "comment.updated_at" fields.

I have tried modifying the theme code to try and bring the "comment.published_at" attribute value, but it's not showing.
Very sorry about that. I totally see and agree on how this is an illogical limitation, but there might be some reason for not making the "published_at" date available here.

Here I am also attaching my sample comment data which shows that in reality there is the "published_at" attribute with the date value which is what we need, but just the Theme doesn't allow to display it.

Maybe someone from Shopify can comment here, why it's not allowed to read that attribute from the StoreFront API?

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