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I like the express checkout options, but when I enabled it, I received word that a fair amount of customers thought these were the only payment methods and turned away.  In the Netherlands, IDEAL is the most used online  payment method.  But the checkout page does not show this anywhere, just the very prominent express checkout logos.   

Of course, if you read well, it says "OR" below "express checkout".   But apparently customers miss that easily. So we need to make it easier for them to see there are other options as well. 

I know the checkout page cannot be altered for good reasons.  But I would like to challenge the Shopify design team to come up with a better solution.  Right now, I've disabled express checkout for this reason.  And I'm sure I'm not the only one, there are just too many posts about the express checkout buttons in this community. 

IMHO, the best way would be to integrate the payment options in the checkout page so users can easily recognize the logos of other available options. 

I'm using the Debut theme on our store,


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Hello Kaboomlaser, 

I also agree with the point you've made. I'd love for the Shopify Design team to take on the challenge and improve the Design of the Checkout! 

Most customers miss the point that they are being offered express methods to checkout, and they are only choosing them because they buttoms have been made so easily clickable and prominent. Not too sure if they sometimes understand they are using an Express checkout!  This problem is heighted if you are in other countries, like yourself, in the Netherlands where other checkouts services are more popular and better known! 

This is the challenge> It is changing the design just to be more user friendly. The express checkout screen is so similar to the social sign-ins screens we see everywhere! Customers are used to this design already. Could you please use some pointers from this type of design to make the already great Shopify Checkout even better? 

I'm adding screenshots of social sign in designs to make my point! 



Could you improve the design and make both options as usable for customers who don't use express services or pay services and just want to see a master card logo underneath the or use continue with - and then show all usual card options (mastercard, visa, amex, etc). so people visually see it better? 

Honestly this would be so helpful!