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1 {% capture form_id %}AddToCartForm-{{ section_id }}{% endcapture %}
2 {% form 'product', product, id: form_id, class:'product-single__form' %}
3 {% unless product.has_only_default_variant %}


need help with the 2nd line... i have looked all day but no luck 

Liquid error (product-form line 2): product form must be given a product

I can not figure out the code that is asking for in the product-form.liquid


any anyone that can help will appreciate it..


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Hey there @lesber,

Can you please include the URL to the page where you are getting the Liquid error? I'll take a look for you before I can offer any solution/guidance. Thanks

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The actual template code is intact this happens when i add it to a page as i done here it is asking to give it a product when i change it to any of this 

Liquid error (product-form line 2): Invalid form type "product", must be one of ["product", "storefront_password", "contact", "customer_login", "create_customer", "recover_customer_password", "reset_customer_password", "guest_login", "currency", "activate_customer_password", "customer_address", "new_comment", "customer", "localization", "update_customer_payment_method"]

the functionality of the actual template do not work addtothecart

thanks for the help...i am sure its prob something so small but i cant figure out worked on it day and night now