Impulse Theme - products showing as sold out when there is inventory.

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I’ve had this issue since Thursday and still waiting for support from various places to get back to me.

All my single variant products are showing as out of stock when there is inventory.

All my multi variant products show out of stock, then when you click around the variants, they become available. Refresh the page and they are out of stock again.

I have all the correct settings checked and have seen from previous posts about this that it may be to do with Location. I only have one location and everything is set as it should be, so doesn’t appear to be that.

I tried a temporary fix of turning in ‘allow purchases when out of stock’ just so I could sell still, but even that doesn’t work. 

Im at a loss now... it’s nearly a week of losing sales now (which I really can’t afford) and all support is taking ages.

If anyone can shed any light on why this may be happening I’d be grateful.

thank you,