In collections, what date does the NEWEST sort order work from: create date? publish date?


We have a NEW ARRIVALS section on our site and have it sorted by 'newest' date.

What date field does that sort order  use? 


We were told that if we go in and turn the Online Store option off/on, it will reset the product.published_at date.  Which it does nicely.  


However, if we have the collection sorted by NEWEST, the product does not show up at the top of the list like we expected.  Not sure if it is something in the code or the way that sort option works.


Could someone clarify please the 'newest' sort option?                    Thank you




Collections appears on the basis of date created.

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Hello there,

We just added a feature to sort your existing collections by either updated or published date to our app Advanced Collection -

There is a 7 day free trial so do try it out, and hope it solves your issue. Thanks!


Looks like this app offers a lot we could use periodically.  Thanks.  An additional $5/month is not easy for a brick-n-mortar / online store to take on.  7 days trial is not enough time to 'test' out apps.  30 days would be much more 'workable' as it often takes us more than 7 days to think through how we will use the app, apply some changes and test it out to see if it is cost justified while running our business, marketing, paying bills, selling in the store and watching our expenses....  in other words ... keeping afloat.  We often come up with work-arounds because we just can't 'drop' everything to test out an app within a 7 day trial.

Consideration by app 'builders' would be appreciated on this point.