Include filters on search results

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Hi, we would really like to include our filters in our search results, as some search results can be 7 - 10 pages long and its frustarting sorting through the results. 

The filters work fine on all the collections pages we have:

But nothing on our search results and im unsure how to include them:


If anybody can help or point me in the right direction that would brilliant. Thanks in advance :)

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I'm aware of the age of this thread, but I'm looking for the exact same thing! I know it can be done with apps, but I would like to use the exact same filter options from the collection page. Thanks!

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Hello @Karl_Huckerby 


Ultimate Filter and Search can help you create product filter on both Collection and Search results page. You have a total control of the search field to allow your customers search by product type, collection, vendor, tags, options, metafields.


Some advanced features:

- Instant Search with Autocomplete and strong Typo-tolerance
- Multiple filter selection of the same type on Collection and Search results page
- Merchandising: helps you maximize profits. Merchandising is the strategic display and arrangement of products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.
+ Product pinning - Allow you to push high-margin products on top of Collection and Search results page
+ Merchandising rule - Automatically rank products based on collection, product type, vendor, tag, option, availability
+ Synonyms - Adding synonyms allows your customers to search using different terminology and find more relevant products

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Two years later and the question that was posted on the official Shopify forum finally gets and answer.


Not a solution or fix from Shopify, but from someone who is ready to make some money from Shopify's shortcomings and failures to provide solutions to one of the many shortcomings of their platform.

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Filtering search results is very much needed.

Yet years later Shopify has not even deemed it needed to reply to this request, much less offer that functionality.

It will be the same for all the other features it should have, and does not have.

Asking, chatting with tech support or emailing Shopify, you will get a very nice and also useless answer: They are either working on it (which means you will never hear from them again) or have apps that will cost you money. 

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same here need a filter on search result page.. ridiculous