Increase Product Page Width- Venture Theme

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Hey Follks,

I am tryng to build online store for optical glasses business and using Venture theme. Overall theme is pretty good and responsive and provide good navigation. 

However I have quick issues and hoping to get some help from you guys:

Probelm Statement:

In the Product Page - section where page displayed Product title, and all product options (in my page I have around 15 options), is very narrow. So users has to vertical scroll down to reach to the add to cart button and further to product description section (I have added three tabs in product description).

Issue #1: There is quite visible areas under images which is just *blank* as product option area has lots of options and  take mor vertical space.(Area yellow marked area)

Q1: Can I make product title and option area more wide and cramp images area? I treid changing theme width in theme.scss file but it just increase overall width o fthe page (of all the page) and not just product option area. 

Q2: Can I add some section or description under the image area?

Q3: I belive somewhere in the code, thay have define Product page table layout, so if any one tell me that page then that would be great so that I can change some layout. 





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Hey Dharna,


For Question1 and 3: Do you wanted to change the grid widths like this if yes then please let me know I will guide you. And one suggestion I would like to give you, never edit "theme.scss.liquid" or "timber.scss.liquid" file or I can say theme's default CSS file because its one of the main files of the theme if you do some change and something got wrong then it will be really hard to get it back. So I suggest if you want to override default CSS or you want to add your custom CSS then make a new CSS file and add your CSS there.


For Question2: Yes you can add some description under the image area. If you wanted to add please let me know I will guide you.



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Hi Priyanka, 

i have the same issue. So much space under the pictures and all text on the right. How do i get it under the pictures. 

You advise would be highly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Hi Dharna, i have the same issue. How did you solve it?

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I can do that change for you please contact me on my skype, here is my id shanishcharapriyanka 

Thank you.