Inserting HTML image into welcome email

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I want to insert an image into my welcome email. Not sure how to do this.

1. How do I convert the image into HTML format?

2. How to insert the HTML into the welcome email template?

Thanking you in advanced :)


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Hey there!

While I'm not an expert in coding myself, I have found a simple way for you to insert an image into your notification templates, by using this code here:

<img src=“imageurl”>

You'll want to replace the imageurl section of that snippet, with the URL of your image. The easiest way to get a URL for your image that you wish to use, is to go into Settings > Files in your Shopify Admin, and hit Upload Files. Upload your image in this section, and you will see that it gives you a URL. Simply copy and paste that in place of the imageurl of that link.

Alternatively, if you don't find this to work, there are a few apps from our Apps Store that can help you customize your notification templates, without the need of editing HTML. A few I've found that seem to be quite popular, are:

Hope this helps!

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you can add code into email template settings admin/email_templates/ 

<img src="{{ 'feedback-qr.png' | asset_img_url: '300x' }}" alt="Feedback Qr Code" />