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I'm two weeks into learning about Shopify, liquid, and theme modification.  Using the theme called 'Supply'.  I added a new page for vendors.  In the page content area, you can see I added vendor images (photo#1) and then I chose to add to the page content (toggle view into html mode, photo#2) and added basically the same html this theme uses to format collections (section/collection-template and snippets/product-grid) to format my vendor logos.  I wanted to make each logo clickable and so I anchored each logo, but here is where I want to anchor links to be dynamic and tried to inject liquid code inside of the anchor's href="{{shop.domain}}", but it appears that this doesn't work.  Is injecting liquid code into page content so different than what we do when we inject liquid into templates, sections, or snippets?  I guess the answer is yes, as it doesn't work.  So what are my alternatives here?


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Unfortunately, you're right in your prediction that this is not possible - any content added in the rich text editor is rendered as HTML. Even Liquid code itself. 

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