Integration with other gift card systems

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Hello --  I work for a restaurant group, and one of our sites is in Shopify.  We are looking to create a standard gift card that you could buy and use at all 7 of our establishments.  

I am wondering how a gift card that works with our POS system could integrate with Shopify.


-- Can Shopify take external gift cards?  Like, if we integrated them from Micros, our POS system?

-- Or can Shopify take gift cards from another Shopify store, like if we set up an RRG store in Shopify to sell gift cards and other items?

-- Can we mail people physical gift cards, or are gift cards only electronic in Shopify?  Like, could people choose electronic or mail delivery?

Thanks for any help you can offer us!

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Nothing yet on this question? I'd like to know too.

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Hi, I'm interested in this topic too. Does someone know if we can inject existing numbers of gift cards into Shopify?

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I have same idea right now.

is it still impossible?


I am in the same boat, looking for an integration with Givex.


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