Inventory Quantity for Variations in Minimal Theme

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We have items that have different options (flavors) and we are wanting customers to be able to know how many are available before adding the item to their cart.  We have the coding figured out for to list on the product page, "We currently have ## in stock.  However on a product that has multiple options, it only shows the quantity of the default option. 


We would like to be able to adjust this for our needs instead of changing our shop to list everything individually.


I have found multiple posts about this, but they all seem to be older and the codes or changes do not seem to work when I plug them into the coding. The coding we are currently using is as follows;


Screenshot 51.jpg

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You need to show the real quantity for each option. 

Then use Javascript to show the correct one once User chooses an option.



Duc Huynh