Is it possible to do with shopify ?

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Hello Iwant to ask if that platform has the folowing posibility:

I want to create a website of selling virtual videogame goods like in game coins...
I want to ask if shopify has that feature like people create accounts and they list their amount of availlable in game coins for sale and the price for (ex. 1k coins) and the customer can choose the amount of coins from the total in the profile of seller and buy only the amount he need. and the money will be on hold on the website profile until the seller give them in game coins and after the customer confirm that he received it in game the seller get his money and website gets its commision.
exactly this function you can see on as an example

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Hi @actualthemes 

Sorry to say but this type of functionalist not possible with shopify you have to manage all by any scripting language like PHP

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