Is it possible to rename a store by merging 2 stores that I own?

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Hi there.

So, I have 2 online stores through Shopify. 1 of them has been going for a couple of years and the other for perhaps less than 1 year. My business has rebranded from the old store name to now use the newer store name. bear with me.... As I own both, I would like to keep all of the data and history form the older store and re-name it to the new store name effectively merging the 2. I wanted to keep the layout from the newer store and use it on the older one. 

Is this possible? I own both domain names and re-direct them to the shopify stores.


I was thinking that the process would be to:

download the theme from the newer store, download the customers and history from the older store and then

upload the newer theme to the older store. Rename the older store the same as the newer store (there may be an issue with that as it already exists" and go from there.


OR is it easier to just download the customers and their history and import it into the new store?


Sorry guys - this is very confusing to read and but it make sense in my head.


Thanks in advance.