Is it possible to split an option into buttons?

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Hi all

I've been looking at ways to improve the selection of options on my product pages and wanted to check if what I've come up with is possible.

Basically I design and make handmade bags which customers can customise on the product page.

As there is the inbuilt limitation of three options per product I currently offer 

1. Select the side you wear the bag

2. Select a shoulder strap colour

and 3. Add extra features

This last one is a bit of a catchall where customers can add things like a grab handle (+$12.50), RFID lining (+$22.50) or both (+$30.00), or of course the default of no extras.

At the moment these are displayed in a drop list with these four options listed in order of cost (and as they change the price they can't be line item properties - plus that would mean they wouldn't work on Shopify POS).

Apart from looking a little ordinary, the main problem is if I add any more extra features, let's say an padded lining for a laptop (+$25.00) I'd also have to add each combination with the others (lining and RFID pocket, lining, RFID pocket and grab handle etc) so this will then become quite a hard to use list.

I was wondering therefore if there would be a way to spilit these out and display the different extras as individual buttons on the product page which would then match the correct variant (and display the right variant image) and add this variant to cart if required. 

The customer could then just click each button, see the featured image change to reflect the selection to build up the features (as it were), and click the button again to deselect the extra feature if required.

As I offer each bag in every combination of features (as they are made to order so I don't go out of stock of my inventory) would this be possible and if so what would be the best approach?

A test product page can be seen here -

Which shows the various standard options etc (and new photographic buttons for selecting the side the bag is worn).

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.




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I am also looking for adding lining , stitching options, bottom fabric, bottom stitching, dyeing options . But helpless , as couldn't find a solution to it .

If that we can include right away that would be great.

For example : if someone wants to stitch this anarkali suit and get it dyed . I don't know how to include in my store.

All the custom option per product will help .

Please suggest .