Is it possible to use liquid in the Product Description?

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I have 3 charts saved in individual external html files that I'm trying to include in my product descriptions. They're based on shape so I have round, octagonal, and square, depending on the shape of the product I add the chart to.

These charts are in flux quite often as I'm still designing the page/products, so I'm trying to find a way to have my product description grab the file and insert it like liquid does with the themes, this way if I need to change information on the chart, I won't have to go and update the chart on every individual product description. Is there any good, simple way to achieve this?
The above link is one of the charts I'm trying to add to add to my products.

For the record, I've tried <iframe> and <object> HTML tags but those simply don't work the way I want them to.

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Hey bill__long,


I'd suggest pasting that html into a new snippet file. Then in your product template, load the snippet with an include like:


{% include 'your-custom-snippet' %}