Is there a guide for the Debut template?

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I wanted to know if there were any guides for the various style sheets and snippets in the Debut template.  I'm currently going through the code to find out which font commands are in there.  There are several sizes and placements of text that I wanted to use different fonts and colors on, instead of just the basic categories in the theme editor.


Hi there,
Jack from OpenThinking here!

Debut's official documentation is here. But it is not very useful.

Instead I'd suggest you to
1. Use the browser's dev tools (right click > Inspect) to find the elements you'd like to edit.
2. Download Debut on your local machine and use an editor like Sublime text 2 to search inside all files.

let me know if this works for your. If yes; accept my answer and give me thumbs up! Thank you.

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