Is there a way to make Home an external link?

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I am doing something unusual I think, and not sure how to accomplish it? I want to use Shopify as my backend for my t-shirt site and I have it setup under my .shop sub-domain. I then created a super fast loading home page under my main domain that I would like all my Home links, including my header logo to go to. Is that possible?

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Hey MrSanDiego,

This is indeed pretty unusual. :) You'll want to be very careful that it doesn't surprise your customers.

You can edit your existing theme to replace all references to routes.root_url to your external address.

There are some things you should be aware of:

1. If you change your theme, you'll need to do this again.

2. The main page of your shop will still be present at To ensure that Google doesn't index it, you will want to edit your theme.liquid to include a <link rel=canonical> tag that points to your external URL when request.page_type is index. You may also want to use JavaScript to navigate the page immediately to your external page.

Hope that helps!

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