Is there a way to switch to a different product based on variant?

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I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on this one as I haven't been able to figure it out.

Here is the scenario:

I have the same product that comes in 4 different sizes so I would like to use Variants to show all 4 sizes on any of those product pages. Once someone selects one of the variants, I would like the page to switch to that product. The reason being that there are different specs for each size you pick. 

I got variants configured, but I don't see an option anywhere to switch to a different product page or description.

Any know if this is possible?

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Hi @ktailor

Please see

This app (made by me) allows you to set up different variant descriptions. When you select a variant, the associated assigned description will be displayed.

If you decide to test it out, drop me a line at and I can help out with the setup.


Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products